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SFF-27    2WAY Tent Set

The tent which has delta roof change a shape

You can read picture books under the delta roof in the daytime, and sleep looking the roof at night. Moreover this delta roof tent changes a shape to hanger rack, so you can hang the clothes on this tent. You can use the 2 WAY Tent for only you in many ways.


Delta roof tent

The delta roof tent is set up when the frames are built up and opened it. Inside of the tent is like secret base. It can be enjoyable for until the age of middle elementary grades regarding the size.

Fabrics for the tent

The tent has a window and pockets. What you make more fun is to peek out from the window or to keep favorite belongings in the pockets.

2way tent

The tent changes to hanger rack when it is not used as a tent. It will be useful as hanger rack after children grow up.

Easy assembly

The tent can be set up easily without tools so it is a user friendly item.

Portable tent

A portable bag is for compact storage of the tent cloth and frames so it is quite easy to carry. Also it is possible to fold up the tent slimly and able to store at a gap.


Model Number
Product Name
2WAY Tent Set
Tent cloth / String / Storage bag : Cotton, Frame A / Frame B / Pole : Wood, Carpet : Polyester / Cotton / PP, Cushion : Cotton / PP
Set Contents
Tent cloth, , Frame A x2, Frame B x2, Pole x3, Screw x6, String x2, Carpet, Cushion x2, Storage bag
5280 g
1180 × 1020 × 1030 mm
Chair size / weight[Approx.]
550 x 1020 x 1170mm / 4430g
Bag and folded size / weight[Approx.]
375 x 1350 x 160mm / 6332g
Tent cloth size[Approx.]
2100 x 890mm
*The width can be adjusted by strings.
*Set contents that is except the cushion can be put into a storage bag.
This product has been planed and designed by Sifflus since 2014. And this is an original brand hammock, which pursues the safety and ease of use.
Please be take care of similar goods

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