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SFF-24    TEEPEE set

Playground full of curios only yours

What would you do if your castle appear in your usual room? Drawing room, building blocks room, sleeping room.... You like to play so many. Please grow with the your secret base which is stylish pattern looks like fun. Well, what will you do tomorrow?


Stylish base

TEEPEE is perfect for playing place as kids and moreover it can make stylish room as interior item.

Make your room easily because of full set

This set has carpet where is good to play for kids and 2 cushions. In all it's great 7 contents! You can make TEEPEE world easily because of the set.

There are many contents which can excite your curiosity!

Many contents which are big circle window, bell and so on can excite your curiosity for your kids. The window can be closed, so it's good for a nap. It can support growth of kids.

Individual Native pattern

Native pattern is individual and cool. And the color is calm, so you can use without satiation.

Compact storage

When you clean your room, you can fold up it quickly. When you take it to somewhere, you can use the storage bag. It's useful for when using and not using.


Model Number
Product Name
Teepee cloth / Storage bag : Cotton, Carpet : Polyester / Cotton / PP, Cushion : Cotton / PP, Pole A : Wood, Pole B : Wood / PVC, String : Latex
Set Contents
Teepee cloth, Pole A x 4, Pole B x 4, Carpet, Cushion x2, Ornament, Bel, String, Storage bag, Adjustment cloth
3440 g
1200 × 1200 × 1600 mm
Bag and folded size / weight[Approx.]
This product has been planed and designed by Sifflus since 2014. And this is an original brand hammock, which pursues the safety and ease of use.
Please be take care of similar goods

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