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SFF-21    3WAY Freestanding Portable Hammock

A high-end model was made by looking for "special".

This hammock changes your image of existing one because it has premium feelings. You will get peace of mind when your body is wrapped in the hammock and chair which has fabric used for sofa. Also it gives you an uplifting feeling when you are floated in the air. These special experiences are only available for the people who got the "special seat".


Feeling of "special"

Soft textured fabric is used for the fabric of hammock and chair, so it is like sitting down on a sofa. Please enjoy the high-end model hammock which is looked for special.

Special chair

You can stretch your legs on the chair fabric. Cushion is also used same fabric, let's try to be wrapped with soft textured fabric.

Indoor hangar lack

The stand is to be the hanger rack by the stick of the accessory. It is a set of hammock nestled in lifestyle.

Easy setup

It can be enjoyed at the both inside and outside because setup of the stand is easy.

Useful storage bag

The storage bag is an accessory. You can carry the set of hammock easily.


Model Number
Product Name
3WAY Freestanding Portable Hammock
Stand : Steel, Hammock cloth / Chair cloth : PU / Cotton, Cushion : PU / Cotton / PP, Hanger rod : Aluminum, Storage bag : Cotton
Set Contents
Stand, Hammock cloth, Chair cloth, Cushion, Hanger rod, Storage bag
9000 g
2450 × 780 × 850 mm
* Hammock Style. Cushion isn't included in the weight and size.
Chair size / weight[Approx.]
1210 x 780 x 1085mm / 8,900g
Bag and folded size / weight[Approx.]
1320 x 350 x 200mm / 12000g
Hammock cloth size[Approx.]
2150 x 1300mm
Chair cloth size[Approx.]
1390 x 960mm
Target height[Approx.]
Less than 180cm
Withstand load[Approx.]
Less than 100kg
*Set contents that is except the cushion can be put into a storage bag.
This product has been planed and designed by Sifflus since 2014. And this is an original brand hammock, which pursues the safety and ease of use.
Please be take care of similar goods

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