Elegance on your lifestyle.
Sifflus will be on “your usual”


A little teepee with playful mind

"Ding-ding" Maybe is it a notice that friends is coming? "Hello" through the window. Let's look at the outside pocket, Are there the present from someone? Your favorite things to be put into the inner pocket. Then, A little teepee is ready to enjoy with you.

Little Teepee


Luxurious days with 3 WAY hammock

The 3 WAY hammock that can be used as hammock, chair and hanger rack will deliver the luxurious daily. Additionally the stand of wood pattern will match in the outdoor and interior. Assembly of the stand is easy, and can be used in various scenes. It is useful product for your lifestyle.

3WAY Freestanding Portable Hammock


To be delivered the life which is a rank up with hammock swaying

2way hammock gives you a cut above life of comfort, by hammock and chair. Hammock & chair are easily putting together and putting away, those can be used not only for outdoor but also as interior. We made it easily used in various scenes.

2WAY Freestanding Portable Hammock



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